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April 25, 2011 § Leave a comment


A jolt of creativity flowed through my office today, thanks to Jade.

Jade has been coming to work with her mom occasionally when there’s a school holiday since she was a toddler. Even as a little kid she’s visited my office and gifted me with her creations. They were never just kitties and rainbows. Usually it was a complete drawing or two with very interesting written narratives included, or sometimes a sculpture of some sort. Having a mom in the design department is a benefit to her inventiveness.

Today she started with a white board drawing. I let her clear off all the outdated project notes and my old sketch diagrams to give her a full canvas. About 6 feet wide.  It was a school themed drawing with her recollection of recent STAR testing as the focal point. STAR is a program of standardized performance assessment tests in California. She’s not a fan. In her drawing she also included the fun her classmates may be experiencing–nothing to do with the test, as far as I can tell. “Paranoia test?” I asked, she answered and it went over my head. She’s eleven. Sounds about right.

After the massive wall creation she came back with all of her gear and plopped down on the corner of my desk. Next was robot building. Robot Duck. I asked her to read the instructions aloud while I worked–to allow me to give her a bit of guidance if she got stuck. For me it was a bit of cross-training from a different industry… completely applicable to our own systems’ label diagrams. It went smoothly, working the first time. Waddling back and forth on the carpet. She decided to give the duck the missing head it deserved. So, Jade asked me if I had a ping pong ball. To her surprise, I said “Yes.” So with that ball, a head, complete with eyes and bill was added to the duck robot. And a tail too. Other items in my office provided a bit of distraction during the drawing and duck building: music and sculpture.

I happened to have my DSLR with me today so I had the chance to document Jade’s creativity. That gave me the opportunity to a create a mini photo essay. What a fun, creative kid. Thanks for the visit Jade!

more images in [slideshow]


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