sweet green surprise

March 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

A quick note is better than no notes on what I am trying in the kitchen.

I had two bunches of chard in the fridge, I had forgot I had already bought one at the end of last week at Sigona’s I needed to use it up. Over a year ago I made a interesting chard tart and my friend Jen told me she had a similar tart in Italy I think. She passed along a recipe for the Italian version of a chard tart, Torta Verde di Lucca. The version I had previously made (from Epicurious/Gourmet) was from Southern France. Both versions combine savory and sweet flavors with the leafy greens. I used a combination of rainbow chard and regular chard. Kale and spinach can be substituted or added in (I added some spinach to my first attempt.)

[I am trying to write and post this in 15 minutes or less]

This recipe posted on a blog, is in European measurements, so I followed those instead of converting. Authentic, eh? Plus, I have a cool digital scale that has grams, and measuring in ML is easy in any measuring cup unless it’s American made from the 50s. So I was measuring the European way, by weight, rather than the American method of using volume (cups/spoons).

I made the dough in the food processor but only briefly then hand blended it by hand to combine the dry bits. I left out the vanilla and liqueur the recipe called for, as well as reduced the sugar by one-third. The greens filling is easy enough. I used some of the tender stems only discarding the big white sections, I just chopped them finely.

The dough is a bit odd in that it has eggs. It ends up being like a Pate Sucree dough, though the recipe said to roll it out. I think that pate sucree is usually just pressed into the pan, but I rolled it. It ended up a bit dry even though it was not overcooked.

Torta Verde di Lucca has a very similar flavor combo to the Epicurious recipe: sweet and savory with a bit of citrus, which is a great combo.Though but this one was more sweet and a bit drier overall. It’s hard to remember exactly, but the Epicurious version of the chard tart was a bit better. I do like the open face of this one. The other version uses a double crust which is topped with confectioners sugar–which would be hard to do with the open top.

Yeah, it looks pretty good. It did the job for dinner, with a salad. But I’d give this version a 6.5 out of 10 and the Epicurious Chard Tart an 8/10.

Photo note: I tried the flash tonight for these photos, also quick endeavor. All handheld: camera and off-camera flash. The camera has a cool wireless flash triggering capability. Room lights were low, so looking in the viewfinder there was a very dark platter and tarte. I focused by distance. I guess you had to be there. And I am not a flash user. But a few snaps and then I ate.


[OK that took 20 minutes just to write, now to post.]

03.31.11 edit: So when one tries quickly write a blog entry there’s no time for research. This morning from my friend who had the tart in Luca and via the interwebs, I learned that this tart is SUPPOSED TO BE SWEET/DOLCE! So I was having dessert for dinner. That’s fine by me!

I found another recipe with a little background of the Torta Verde di Lucca [here]. And judging by her recipe, another egg to my recipe would have made a better filling.

this tart is aka
Torta di Verde Lucca, Torta coi becchi, Torta di Lucca, Torta di verdure and Torta d’ erbe.


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  • Madelyn says:

    I’ve never heard of this before! Sounds good. I’ve got chard in the fridge, but I’ve already warned the men that we’ll be having a greens/egg dish for breakfast. While whipping this up would certainly curry favor with the lads, I doubt I’ll be up for it as I’m just starting to work tonight (at 12:29am). Again, food for thought. Thanks EDC!!

    Pretty impressive for a short post. And if you hadn’t referenced photo style, I wouldn’t have noticed anything but the crust in photo 2. ;)

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