apples on trial

November 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

Braeburn v. Fuji, 2010

Deciding on which apples to use for the Thanksgiving Tarte Tatin (a.k.a. Tarte des demoiselles Tatin), I did a trial run last night.

The Braeburns were more tart, but still sweet. The tartness nicely countered the sweet caramel sauce. The Fujis were slightly softer and sweeter but still good.

It’s very simple: in one pan, make caramel. cut apples. place apples in caramel. cover with dough. bake. another step of pre-cooking the apples in the caramel is needed, prior to topping with dough, if large chunks of apples are used. I referenced about 3 recipes for mine. I winged it on timing, which is necessary due to apple size and type of pan used. 30 minutes is the first checking point.

The Thanksgiving version will use fancy pre-made puff pastry rather than the my own homemade pâte sucrée dough which used for this trial run. And Braeburn apples will be dominate, though I am planning on a layer of Granny Smiths as the base. Still experimenting. With creme fraiche from California.

Happy Thanksgiving eve all.

Listening to:

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
Kate Bush - W‪uthering Heights‬
C‪at ‬P‪ower - Cross bones style‬
Bat For Lashes - A Forest.  A cool cover of one of my favorite Cure songs

...listening during blog entry/photochopping. Tarting was sans tunes.

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