morning drive

November 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

I headed out to the coast to find some cool trees, mist, fog and someone doing something interesting around any of those things. I left the house at 6:30, before sunrise. 25 miles west to the coast. I noticed that the gas light on the dash was on while in the driveway. oh well, I have light to catch.

I didn’t find what I had in mind, at least I got to play a little.



apples on trial

November 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

Braeburn v. Fuji, 2010

Deciding on which apples to use for the Thanksgiving Tarte Tatin (a.k.a. Tarte des demoiselles Tatin), I did a trial run last night.

The Braeburns were more tart, but still sweet. The tartness nicely countered the sweet caramel sauce. The Fujis were slightly softer and sweeter but still good.

It’s very simple: in one pan, make caramel. cut apples. place apples in caramel. cover with dough. bake. another step of pre-cooking the apples in the caramel is needed, prior to topping with dough, if large chunks of apples are used. I referenced about 3 recipes for mine. I winged it on timing, which is necessary due to apple size and type of pan used. 30 minutes is the first checking point.

The Thanksgiving version will use fancy pre-made puff pastry rather than the my own homemade pâte sucrée dough which used for this trial run. And Braeburn apples will be dominate, though I am planning on a layer of Granny Smiths as the base. Still experimenting. With creme fraiche from California.

Happy Thanksgiving eve all.

Listening to:

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
Kate Bush - W‪uthering Heights‬
C‪at ‬P‪ower - Cross bones style‬
Bat For Lashes - A Forest.  A cool cover of one of my favorite Cure songs

...listening during blog entry/photochopping. Tarting was sans tunes.

soundtrack for stew

November 23, 2010 § 1 Comment


Yes, these first posts are going to be dominated by food topics. How can it not be? This is the week of Thanksgiving.

The end of the Gustavo Stanaolalla’ soundtrack for Motorcycle Diaries is playing in the background in the living room. ‘De Usuahia A La Quiaca’ is an especially good song.  Tonight during my stew cooking endeavors in the kitchen that album was mixed with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club . Obvious connection, interesting juxtoposition. Thanks to iTunes.

Listening to:

B.R.M.C. - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2000)
The Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack - Gustavo Santaolalla (2004)
Selmasongs - Björk (2000) 

Here is the recipe for the Beef, Barley, and Butternut Squash Stew…. « Read the rest of this entry »

duck fat

November 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

Of course there is duck fat pecan pie at your local hand crafted corner ice cream shop–IF you live in San Francisco. I didn’t visit Humphry Slocombe in SF yet but I was fortunate that a thoughtful friend brought it to me on monday morning. There is a smokiness that has to come from the duckfat. A great decadent treat. It’s a small dose so I don’t feel too guilty.

Oh, I really don’t like duck meat.

Thanks Denise!


raison d’etre

November 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

Yep, another blog is born.

It’s crossed my mind many times. Friends have often suggested that I create a blog. I am  definitely not a writer, so creating beautiful prose is not the goal. You will even see some new variations on standard english. And likely a fabricated word or two.

As much as I would like this to be a wonderfully unique looking blog, it won’t be.  If I went through the process of creating a dozen layout concepts, lists of fonts, etc. the blog may take 2 years before going online. More important: Content. Capturing. Scribbles and ideas.  I started this tonight.

Because a blog name is necessary, I thought of a few titles. Scattegories came to mind first tonight. but I have no affinity for the party game. Then I made up a new word: scattegorical, to connote the variety that will likely be entered here.. But I ended up just going with “In the margin.”  During the course of a day, just like everyone else, I go over various ideas in my head–but never write them down. The kind of thoughts that would likely be written in the margins if the topic were a book or similarly in a sketchbook. Ideas connected to other ideas. Though, I don’t read as much as I would like to and never write in the margins when I do, the idea of “putting it down” in the margin is something I’ve been curious about.

Of course, I googled “In the margins” and it’s an Echo and the Bunnyman song. I’ve never heard that one. I have an Echo album or two but not with that song. I like that they have something related to the margins too. I’ll hear it soon enough. No, I really haven’t heard it yet.

As I write this I am listening to “A Thousand Tiny Pieces” by Sean Hayes. Yeah, coincidentally that is just as appropriate a title for my blog. Though, I may only be at 878 pieces at this point. I feel that often my thoughts and are all over the place and don’t seem to focus. Naturally, my blog will not be focused.

Maybe with all my scattered interests and meanderings, though the process of writing it down (and sharing)  I will find easier route to a resolution/solution/end of some sort. And I know this will act as a nice back up to my neural memory.

Of course, during registering for the blog, I found out that “in the margins” is already taken at wordpress (though dormant) as a blog name. so similar but more wordy alternative I decided go with is “added in the margin” Naming the blog, this is probably like naming a band. Not easy. I hope renames are allowed, like bands have: The Golden Gate Rhythm Section = Journey, The Weak Heartdrops = The Clash, Arabacus = Pulp, Composition Of Sound = Depeche Mode. Though, the name probably doesn’t matter. At all.

At Sigona's today selecting the best apple for Tarte Tatin. There were dozens of options. I picked out some Braeburn and Fuji for round number one.

(added in the margin)

November 21, 2010 § 3 Comments

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